Would Wenger make a better poker player than football manager?

If you have been keeping up with the latest football news then you’ll know that former Chelsea striker, Tony Cascarino, thinks that French Arsenal manager, Wenger, should be sacked before he embarrasses himself. Cascarino has been quoted saying that the club have only remained so patient with the French manager ‘because of sentiment’. The striker from Kent believes that Wengers reign at the Emirates will soon go the way of Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest.

With all the added pressure of getting Arsenal through the Barclays Premier League, Wenger has been photographed looking rather stressed and probably doesn’t have time to be playing at www.partypoker.fr in his spare time anymore. The French football manager saw his team lose 2-1 against the Olympiacos.

Cascarino has also said that ‘Big clubs sack managers and Arsenal are a big club. They have the best stadium in the division and a fine history, but cannot call themselves a big club if they are prepared to hang on to Wenger out of sentiment.’

Although Wenger may not be doing a great job managing Arsenal at the moment, he does have a lot of experience and skill in the football world. His managerial tactics are actually quite similar to skills you need in poker. So if Wenger does end up leaving the football world, at least he can try his luck on the poker field.

In order to be successful in both poker and managing you’ve got to have excellent knowledge and experience to be able to create a game plan. Having tactics in poker helps you to concentrate and focus during your game because you know exactly what you are aiming for. Equally, in football, managers would have thought up a game plan and advise players what to do on the pitch.

Playing poker and managing football teams are both thrilling and risky because you can never determine the outcome. This is why being able to think on your feet is an advantage to both poker players and football managers.

In addition, both poker players and football managers should know their opponents well in order to take advantages of their weaknesses.

It’s hard to believe that Arsenal are doing badly this season since the team is home to some excellent players. France has produced some amazing footballers such as Arsenal player Abou Diaby. The box-to-box central midfielder was born in Paris but was raised in the Parisian commune of Aubervilliers. The player, who has been described as “languid, elusive, and athletic”, often struggles with repetitive injuries, a problem that has existed since his time in France. When in France, Diaby played for the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club between 2001 and 2002.

The French football club was founded in 1970 when the Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain merged. Since 1974, the team has won two League titles, eight French Cups, three League Cups and two Trophées des Champions.

The team was named IFFHS World’s Club Team of the Year in 1994, as well as coming 1st in the UEFA Team Ranking in 1998. The PSG is the only French club to ever achieve these honours.

The French team Olympique de Marseille has also produced some notable French footballers such as Jean-Pierre Papin. The team have maintained their position in the top tier of French football and have been French champions nine times.

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