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With the season nearly here, it makes perfect sense to start talking about Fantasy Football. Here at Pain in the Arsenal we’ve decided to start out own league, on I’m going to go through some different pointers, whilst asking you all to join on with the league code 121275-376524. If we get enough people there may even be prizes!


Pretty simple here, pick a keeper that isn’t going to concede too many goals. However you will want to consider keepers that will make a lot of saves as well because they get points for that as well. So maybe Tim Howard of Everton would be a good value buy or even a lower ranked team with a decent stopper? Adrian made 9 saves in West Ham’s 0-0 draw at Stamford Bridge last year. It could save you money to go the extra distance with some of the bigger players in midfield or attack as well.


There are two options here. The most expensive defenders in fantasy football as players like Everton’s Baines who will score free-kicks get assists and keep clean sheets, but you could also choose to go for players that put in solid performances and get clean sheets for teams like Stoke or Crystal Palace. They won’t concede a lot of goals per game and will be a fair bit cheaper than those in the bigger teams. Don’t be blinded by big teams, unless your defenders are scoring it’s usually not worth the extra outlay.


Unfortunately this is a game that doesn’t reward the working midfielder, assists and goals are where it’s at. Quite simply the creative midfielders are where the big points are, so players like Hazard is always going to get you points over the summer, and Yaya Toure is also a good shout. However all these players are expensive. Very. You have to balance getting the stars against players that will pick up points for lower table teams, because they cost far less. Adam Johnson went through a great purple patch last season and will probably pick up points again. Kevin Nolan was West Ham’s top scorer. It’s tempting to blow all your money on a midfield consisting of Ozil, Hazard, Mata, Toure and Coutinho, but you need to balance these guys out.


Same points as midfield, a good performance counts for nothing unless they’re scoring and setting up goals. My advice is two strikers that you like and one this will play a lot for a mid table side. This will balance your squad and give you maximum coverage of goals.

In general you want to make sure you captain the right player each week, take a look at future fixtures to help you decide that. Also you will have to start paying points for your transfers later in the game, so players that are going to play a lot of League games are vital to survival. Manchester United players may be good for this as they don’t have to worry about Europe!

Comment below any extra tips, or any questions you may have!

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