Seven Arsenal Players That May be Moving on this Summer

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Theo Walcott

This one scares me. I can put it off as impossible and un-Arsenal-like, but I can’t ignore overwhelming signs that indicate a possible exit. Not long ago, we here at Pain in the Arsenal analyzed where exactly Walcott’s future was here at Arsenal and it’s hard to get a good answer.

His contract is up in the summer of 2016 and with Alexis Sanchez’s arrival and the Ox’s maturation, Walcott has reached a time where he needs to step up. He’s 25 and he’s had prolonged spells of success at Arsenal but injuries have been a bit of a bane for him as well.

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Since returning from injury, he’s been afforded very little chance to make an impact on the team, despite scoring three times in quick succession. As such, it has me worried that Walcott and Wenger are preparing for life without each other.

While it’s only a niggling at the back of my mind, it still seems to make at least some sense. Walcott has always wanted to be a striker but he’s never really been able to. Alexis has been thriving and Walcott has been hurt and the speedy winger is going to find it hard to find a spot in the squad. Wenger has spoken on the subject (per London24), saying: “We have a lot of competition going on in the team, especially up front – we have plenty of offensive potential. It makes every decision more difficult.”

So would it almost make more sense to sell such a talent rather then let him move on for free in 2016 if he’s not given the opportunities he thinks he deserves?

It remains to be seen if Walcott will respond positively to the competition like some of his team mates have.

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