Arsenal’s 10 Worst Signings Ever Under Arsene Wenger

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5. Andrei Arshavin

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You will find Arshavin topping most of Arsene Wenger’s worst signings lists but I have a hard time doing that. Sure, he cost a club record 15 million pounds and he never delivered on that by a long shot, that is why he is on this list. But being placed on the left wing when he was a striker did the Russian no favors and to his credit, he did not do that bad out there.

Through his first 106 appearances, before he fell out of favor, Arshavin put up 28 goals and 33 assists. Not great numbers, but not abysmal, particularly for a left winger.

The only thing against Arshavin is the massive price tag paid for him. Had he cost a third of the price he would be seen as a great signing. But he didn’t. So he isn’t.

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