Arsenal: 50 Most Defining Moments In Club History

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 Since 1886, Arsenal have been one of the most consistent forces in English football. Here is their history boiled down to the 50 most defining moments as a club.

arsenal, herbert chapman

By Ronnie Macdonald (Flickr: Herbert Chapman Statue) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How do you define Arsenal? It’s a pretty daunting task to define nearly a century and a half of football. There are a few words that come to mind right off the bat. Consistent is one. Arsenal have not been demoted since 1913. It is the longest of such streaks. When considering how many different managers and players have passed through the ranks of Arsenal in over a century of play, remaining in the first tier through all of it is rather remarkable.

The second word that comes to mind is trailblazing. Arsenal does things differently. There is a such thing as the ‘Arsenal way’. Whether it’s being ahead of the times or what looks like falling behind in the times. Arsenal does it their way and no one else’s.

Hiring Arsene Wenger, a foreigner, was a huge step towards what the Premier League is now. He changed everything for English football. The move to North London. That was a bold one. But it paid off. Even how Arsenal is doing things nowadays. Everything boils down to having their own brand of football and sticking to it.

Another word is Industrious. This team has always pushed to go that extra mile and they have had guys who embody that trait. Look at Tony Adams. He is just one example of a guy that made himself through effort and hard work. So many athletes that make it at Arsenal are known for their hard-work and undying attitude. All the way up to the present day.

Then again, we are not here to define Arsenal with words. We are here to define Arsenal with moments. Talk about daunting tasks. How many moments go into over one hundred years of history? A lot. We picked fifty of them and these are the moments that made Arsenal who they are. These moments are the building blocks of the Arsenal way.

Not all of the moments are happy ones either. A moment does not have to be glorious to define something. In fact, it is those hard moments that can define a team even more so than the blissful ones.

With that in mind, we get started with one of those hard moments that turned to something special with the team’s financial struggles just over a century ago.

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