Arsenal Switching Gears With Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Arsenal have hit a brick wall in their pursuit of Henrikh Mkhitaryan. How do they adjust and where can they turn their attention now?

Apparently quotes from 2009 are no longer credible in 2016. Damn. It was in 2009 that the Armenian in question, Henkrikh Mkhitaryan, cited Arsenal as his favorite team. Now, he wants nothing to do with them. He wants United. Let me say it again – damn.

I knew Mino Raiolo was good but this is a magic act.

It has left Arsenal grasping for straws, you could say. Their pursuit of a wide man was picking up and Mkhitaryan looked to be the go-to deal. Maybe it was never going to be, but to have that ripped away, so suddenly, even, makes it feel like Arsenal’s search for a wide midfielder has to restart at zero.

Arsenal have to completely switch gears in their transfer search. Riyad Mahrez is now the only option and you never want just one option. Arsenal looked to be all in for Jamie Vardy and now that that has seemingly derailed, it feels the same as Mkhitaryan – like we are starting at square one.

There are really only two ways these two ‘all-in’ rumors could have went. Either Arsenal was never that invested and this was all idle chatter or Wenger was unable to swing the transfers in his favor.

Either one has significant drawbacks. If Arsenal was never invested, we have to ask why. We also have to wonder if Wenger is upping his ambition like we initially thought. Locking up Granit Xhaka opened up a whole wave of rumors, but the two biggest were Vardy and Mkhitaryan. Those two proved to be ineffective. That means that Arsenal is heavily linked to absolutely no one right now, unless you count Riyad Mahrez. 

That is kind of scary. I don’t want to see another transfer window go the way last summer did – one crucial signing and nothing else.

It’s still early, so my preemptive panic can be dismissed as of now, but we have to wonder what the basis behind these rumors was. Arsenal always have gobs and gobs of transfer rumors, but these two progressed incredibly quickly, just like Xhaka. Only they derailed, leaving the Gunners empty-handed.

With the Euros still in progress, we shouldn’t be expecting much action. However, ‘action’ qualifies as negative action and we have received a lot of that these past few days, even with the Euros.

Arsenal have to load up on a striker and a little depth out wide and in defense would be icing on the cake. There’s no room to tiptoe the fine line between need and want.