Transfer Market action needed after Cup win

After the FA Cup win at the weekend Arsene Wenger claimed that Arsenal fans shouldn’t expect to win everything next season, and he is right to try and calm the more excitable among us. Arsenal’s first trophy in 9 years isn’t proof of a world beating squad, but a sign of steady progress.

Arsenal are the most efficiently run club in the Premier League, and have been for some time. Low spending in the transfer market, sensible (in footballing terms) wages and decent pricing structure for seats in the stadium has meant that the restrictions imposed by Financial Fair Play have been of little to no concern to the North London side. However I now think Wenger should flex his muscles in the transfer market, especially in pursuit of a quality striker.

Giroud is hardly an awful striker, but I can’t see him bagging 20 goals in a Premier League season any time soon. He’s also good to have in the squad as he works hard and can provide a decent number of goals as a  squad striker, but I don’t think he is good enough for Arsenal to build their attack focus around. 22 goals in all competitions is a decent return but it is not World Class.

A move for a big striker has to happen unless we want to see a repeat of what happened this year, where a series of injuries to midfield players meant that the team struggled to score regularly. Obviously if the new striker gets injured then we’re back to Giroud alone up front, but I’d rather see that as plan B.

So who’s available?

Wilfred Bony is the name linked most to Arsenal at the moment, and he has the potential to be a good buy because he has more of an eye for goal than Giroud but a £20m price tag is probably too much for the Swansea man. Karim Benzema is always talked about this time of year, with Arsenal usually being mentioned in the same sentence. I think this would be a good move and a better one than is currently being talked about involving his team-mate Angel Di Maria. Di Maria is a good player but the Arsenal midfield is already overloaded with talent, and when everyone is fit it is a struggle to see who will play where. Could the solution already be at the club?

Walcott has long stated his desire to play as a striker rather than a winger and when given the opportunity he has shown he can finish in style, however he is very injury prone and Arsenal need a strong body up front to act as a fulcrum for their attacks. So unless Arsene starts playing with 2 up front, I think a big buy in the transfer market is the answer.

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