Arsenal: 30 Greatest Players Of All Time

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By Ronnie Macdonald (Flickr: Dennis Bergkamp statue) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Arsenal has had many great players. They have had great eras, from the domination of the 1930’s to the Invincibles of 2004. They have had great managers and enjoyed great triumphs. But who are the best players in Arsenal history? Who is the greatest of all time?


Here at Pain in the Arsenal, we love all things Arsenal. Nothing is more Arsenal than discussing the greatest players ever to pull on the jersey. Some players on this list are simply magical; others are there for their longevity of career. Some are there for the trophies they won. What they all have in common, however, is their dedication for the Arsenal, past and present.

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On this list, we have tried to be impartial as possible with respect to position and era. Paying homage to the great Arsenal side under Herbert Chapman in the ’30s, the hard working sides of George Graham through the ’80s and ’90s and then the wonderful, silky sooth championship winning sides under Arsene Wenger. This list incorporates players from many eras.

In the current side, Arsenal has a plethora of great players. From Mesut Ozil with a wand of a left foot to the ever consistent Laurent Koscielny to the hard working, the hustle and bustle of Alexis Sanchez.

However, with the lack of longevity of many of the better players in Arsene Wenger’s current, none has cracked the top 30 list. Come back in five years, and there may well be much more on this list, but as of 2015, the achievements year upon year are not substantial enough to merit inclusion.

Clearly, there is no objective result, and any list that has been developed is clearly an opinion. Whether you agree with all of it or none of it, we hope that you enjoy the discussion of all the great players that have played for the Gunners. First up, Nigel Winterburn

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