Cesc Fabregas moves to Chelsea

It was the news that many fans feared would happen when it was announced that Fabregas was open to a summer move, but Cesc Fabregas has completed a £30m move to Arsenal rivals Chelsea.

This move had been on the cards since Wenger ruled Arsenal out of the running for the Spanish midfielder, but the thought of seeing a club legend like Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt is too much for some fans to bear.

The Metro reports that some Arsenal fans have even take to burning their old Fabregas shirts upon hearing the news as they feel they have been betrayed by the player who had previously tweeted (just after leaving Arsenal for Barcelona), “Once a gunner, always a gunner.”

However most fans, despite obviously being disappointed, have accepted the fact that Fabregas was always likely to move to a rival in search of trophies and first team football. Chelsea will certainly offer a chance at trophies, and after Arsenal passed up their option what was he meant to do?

I think the best way to think about this is that he served Arsenal well and we need to understand we can’t control players forever, as much as we’d like to. I’m pretty sure if he has the misfortune of scoring against Arsenal next season he wouldn’t even contemplate celebrating, but he is a professional to the end and will give his all in every game.

Wenger made his decision not to bring Cesc Fabregas back and we can’t blame the player for that, so let’s move on and try and improve the squad we have now rather than worrying about players that used to own the shirts.

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