Transfer Rumours: Round Up

Well it’s getting well into silly season with the Premier league transfer rumours, with any player than any fan has ever heard of and thought was half decent on FIFA 14 suddenly being linked with a host of clubs. Real Madrid continued creating an actual dream team with the addition of German passing maestro Kroos and Colombian wonderkid James. So what about Arsenal? Are any transfers coming in to join Sanchez and Debuchy?

As Real Madrid set about creating a real world dream team, what have Arsenal been up to?

David Ospina

The Colombian stopper looks set to join Arsenal from Nice for a bargain £3m, but I’m unsure as to why Wenger has bought him. I think it’s a good buy regardless, but is he coming in as a number 1? There for competition? Or simply as back up? He’s certainly Premier League quality and could do a good job as our first choice, but I would personally have him as direct competition for Szczesny so that no-one could have their position guaranteed and would be pushed to perform at their best in all matches, something we haven’t had in recent years.

Sami Khedira

Like Ross and Rachel of FRIENDS, no-ones quite sure if this is actually going to happen. Both parties are telling others they are interested, but no-one quite knows the details of any actual activity. One minute it looks set to happen, then Khedira wants more money and Arsenal start yelling about being on a break. To be honest I’m getting  a bit sick about hearing about it and everyone telling us we belong together and we’d suit each others needs, it should just be done or not done. Maybe Khedira needs to agree a deal elsewhere so Wenger can chase him through Madrid airport asking him to reconsider so they can give it a go?

Serge Aurier

It seemed for ages that this was a done deal, however we have signed Debuchy instead and unless Carl Jenkinson leaves for West Ham we simply don’t need another right back, although Aurier would be great to have in reserve. I would be in favour of letting Jenkinson leave if we could bring Aurier in on a back up basis, knowing Arsenal’s injuries woes we’d probably end up needing him to be our first choice left back after 3 games. I like him as a player, and I would love to have him in the squad.

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