Premier League Predictions: 19th

So Burnley were my pick for finishing at the bottom of the Premier League pile, so who finishes one better in 19th?


Manager: Ronald Koeman

Koeman has taken his first job in England with Southampton but he’s hardly inexperienced, having assisted with the Dutch national team before managing all of Holland’s ‘Big Three’ sides. He could prove key but he’s dealing with a Southampton side that has been absolutely ravaged of all their main talent. Big task for the Dutchman.

Key Player: Jay Rodriguez (at the moment…)

At current time of writing, Morgan Schniederlin and Jay Rodriguez are still Southampton players and have not made the move to Tottenham. However when they leave Southampton will have sold pretty much the source of 100% of their goals last season, the spine of the side and their brightest talents. I have no idea how they’re going to get anywhere near where they got last season.

Best feature: Team looking to prove themselves

Yes they’ve sold every Southampton player you’ve heard of. But the squad will be itching to prove that they can mix it with the best still, and there’s nothing more motivating than being told you need the big players to keep you in the league. They also have an experienced manager to give them the best chance possible at succeeding.

Worst Feature: Lack of star players

As much as the team will strive to prove themselves, there isn’t anything they can do to replace the quality of the players they have lost. Sorry Saints fans, there’s nothing I can do but predict a poor poor season ahead. I think you could have survive the sale of one or two key players, but not this many.

PIA Writer’s opinions: 

BW: “I think Southampton will finish 10th, a team famous for consistently producing young talent shouldn’t have much trouble replacing the players they have lost.”

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