Arsene Wenger Reffing for Charity in Rome - Is This Real Life?

Far be it from me to question the man that has kept us in the Champions League for 17 straight years, but it leaves me partially fuzzy, partially on the brink of fury that Arsene Wenger is spending the all-important transfer deadline day in Rome. No, he’s not pursuing various Italian striker options (though if he was, he’s the ultimate con artist), he’s reffing a charity event.

I’m not really sure how to feel about this. It’s almost like he’s laughing at all the Arsenal fans who are crying out for help in the transfer market. Here it is the last day and we’ve spent half of what he promised to spend. So instead of dedicating the day to possible solutions, he found it more prudent to fulfill his charity obligations.

All this in the wake of missing out on Falcao and missing out on Carvalho – two of our primary targets the past couple of days, and two targets who would have filled two of the needed position voids in our squad.

Maybe there is some ulterior motive behind “reffing for charity in Rome” and Arsene is seriously really good at covering up his moves. Or maybe he really is content with sending Sanogo out into the box to draw against every team under the sun.

Wenger told us to expect an active deadline day, but I didn’t think that this would be what he meant.

Hopefully me and the umpteen fans out there that are slightly irritated are just blowing this out of proportion. Who knows. I still, for some odd reason, feel like Wenger has a trick up his sleeve and that he’ll end up doing what’s best for the club. But is it possible that, even after 17 years, he doesn’t always know what’s best for the club?

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