Wenger misses out on top striker again

So with many Arsenal fans expecting a new signing to bolster the Arsenal front line, we are now having to deal with news that Manchester United have signed Falcao on loan for £12m. Wenger’s inaction has cost him again. £12m for a year of World Class talent at the front of the team and Wenger said “Let’s wait a bit”?!? If we do not sign a striker and have another nearly season…I do genuinely believe that we have missed a trick here.

Wenger’s inaction has cost us another World Class striker, and I don’t think it will be the last

Missing out on Balotelli for £16m might not have been the worst thing ever but £12m for Falcao is a massive miss, because surely we can not expect to compete at the top of the Premier League with Sanogo as our main striker? I would love to be proven wrong by both Wenger and the players we currently have but I do not see us challenging without a replacement for Giroud. To be honest, having Giroud as a main striker probably isn’t good enough anyway.

£12m for the season would have even allowed the young players to develop as well, whilst not having to burden the responsibility of constant goals in each appearance, which would negate the negative effect that was brought up over the weekend.

If Wenger continues to wait around for targets he is not going to have any left, and he’ll probably end up signing completely inappropriate like Zigic, but I sincerely hope he has something up his sleeve. It doesn’t even need to be a World Class striker any more, just someone who will add an actual  goal threat for the Premier League matches. God knows who we’re going to get to be a danger in the Champions League.

So with even Loic Remy not hanging around to become Arsenal’s No.1 striker and instead heading to Chelsea’s reserve team for £10.5 there seems to be a complete lack of actual available signings for Arsenal to pick from. Swansea’s Bony might be worth a shout but I don’t know how much will be needed to prise him away from Garry Monk.

Cavani is the only top striker that could even possibly be on the move this transfer window, but even as I write I’m coming across a lot of tweets regarding Arsenal almost confirming that they won’t be dealing today. If Wenger doesn’t sign someone…there are not going to be many happy Arsenal fans come the 2nd of September.

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