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Editor – Tom Humphrey: Tom took the role of Editor on Pain in the Arsenal in June 2012. He has a keen interest in both footballs. There is the football he grew up loving in England after being born into a family full of Arsenal fans. As well as this, he was influenced by his father and brother to take up another sport, American Football. They started watching American Football in the 1980′s when it was broadcast here in the UK. The year they started watching it, the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl. Tom fell in love with the Bears, meaning that his Saturday’s and Sunday’s would always be filled with sport, either watching Arsenal or the Bears. Tom starting writing his own Arsenal blog in January 2012 hoping to make a career of writing and he was spotted by a Fansided writer that recommended the website to him. 

You can contact Tom via his Twitter account (GoonerBear93)


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