3 Days To Transfer Pandemaniacopia!


As were just a few days away from the opening of the January transfer window, I guess now we’ll take a look at some of the transfer rumors out there being bandying about for Arsenal both ridiculous and possible… or maybe ridiculously possible?  Or possibly ridiculous? Anyway…

Up first, to address the current fullback dilemma is the rumor that Argentine fullback, Fabian Monzon, who plies his trade for Nice, is a possible target for Arsenal.  This rumor sounds like a possibility as it fits the mold for a Wenger type of transfer- 1. decent player but not a marquee name, 2. plays in France, 3. probably could get a decent price/value for the player.

Wayne Bridge has been mooted as another possible fullback signing but my take on that rumor is, “thanks, but no thanks!”

Then there’s the rumor of Lukas Podolski coming to Arsenal.  A few weeks ago, I would’ve thought this was a fairly ridiculous rumor but now I can maybe see Wenger swing this move, especially if he can be had for £15 million pounds.  £15 million for a German international that can score goals is better than £35 million for a Mohican wannabe Kop Flop.  However, if Wenger brings in Thierry Henry for a short-term loan, I doubt he’d also go for Podolski unless Podolski is signed long term in the summer.

Yoann Gourcuff has been apparently ruled out by Wenger for a move, which makes sense because he’s more of a playmaker.  We definitely need more of an out and out forward if we buy in January since we currently have Arteta and Benayoun who can fill playmaker roles.

Eden Hazard has also been on and off the Arsenal radar and would seem more of a possibility than Gourcuff as Hazard is better on the wings and can play a full forward position if need be.

German wunderkind, Mario Götze, has also supposedly been on Arsenal’s transfer radar but Manchester United has begun sniffing around the starlet as well and the young German admits himself that he’d rather play for Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Now, all of these names may very well be on Wenger’s radar since this past August there was a change in transfer strategy from a more younger, potential-based strategy to one with more established players.  If that was a one time thing or not waits to be seen.  Some of these players would fit both (Hazard, Götze) but wouldn’t come cheaply (likely at least £20-35 million) and we all know Wenger doesn’t like to spend crazy money even on established stars.

Out of all these mentioned I would most like to see either Podolski or Hazard signed, especially Hazard since he can play pretty much anywhere along the frontline or in midfield.  Which players either in England or around the globe would you like to see Arsenal sign?

Money… might not be able to buy happiness
but it sure as heck can buy success!