Daily Rumor Mill


Today’s transfer rumors sees Swansea’s left back Neil Taylor being linked with us.  Have not seen Swansea play much this year except when we played them and I don’t recall Taylor being anything memorable but Swansea did play well defensively against us, so who knows?

I just don’t think this move makes long-term sense since Kieran Gibbs is young and Andre Santos has just come in this year.  Granted both are injured but Gibbs is due back soon and a long-term signing would only add 3 places at left back which sounds too much.  Unless Santos will turn around be sold in the summer.

The other rumor of the day is Lille’s Moussa Sow being linked and valued at £20 million and that we supposedly face Sp*rs head to head for his potential signature.  If we were after him, I would think we would have the upper hand over Sp*rs as we have Sow’s former teammate, Gervinho, already playing for us and we’ve been a long time suitor for Lille’s other star, Eden Hazard.  Plus, there’s the whole “French Connection” thing with Wenger/Arsenal that may put us in the driver seat.

What would you rather if you were a player?  Go to a club with a solid pipeline form France over the years or a club that is punching above it’s weight and crumbles at the 1st sign of dodgy catering?  Seems a pretty clear choice to me.