Wenger optimistic about Walcott future


Arsene Wenger says he is ‘optimistic’ about keeping Theo Walcott at Arsenal. Walcott’s contract expires in the summer and he will be able to join any club he likes on a free transfer if no deal is signed. Walcott rejected a new deal at the club last summer, but if recent media reports are to be believed, Arsenal are close to getting Walcott to sign a new deal.

Wenger said the following about Walcott’s future at his press conference earlier today:

"“Discussions progress smoothly but slowly. “We are on a good road but in this situation, as long as nothing is signed, you are cautious.But I am optimistic we will get to a happy conclusion. I was optimistic last week, but I am a bit more optimistic this week.” – Arsene Wenger on Theo Walcott’s future at Arsenal."

Everything I have heard in the press has been positive this week about Walcott’s future. Wenger also went on to state that he sees Theo more as a striker now and will play him there more often. He stated that where Walcott plays isn’t in his contract and he wouldn’t let Walcott demand to play up front, he will still play him on the wing if needs be.

Wenger is ‘optimistic’ that Theo Walcott will sign a new deal with the club.