Wenger – “We can spend big”


Arsene Wenger claims that Arsenal are now in a position to be able to spend big in the transfer market. Wenger claims that since the club’s move to the Emirates in 2006, the funds in the transfer market have been limited. He also stated his desire to keep this group of players together and build around it.

The Frenchman said the following in an interview with Al Jazeera sport:

"“My plan is to keep all of the players we have and then to add maybe, if possible, two new players to the squad.We will spend big (again) because we had restricted finances because we had built the stadium and had to pay that back.You look at any club who has done that, and they have gone down (in performance).We stayed at the top level, yes without winning the Premier League, but we were always at the top level.Now we have come out in a much stronger position financially again, so we can spend.But our way is a bit like Barcelona as well, to produce the core of the team from inside and add from outside the players who give really a plus.” – Arsene Wenger on transfers and club finances."

So there you have it. Possibly two new additions according to the boss. All I’m saying is, I’ll believe it when I see it. And his idea of a big signing?. Probably an unknown from France for £6m…

Wenger believes Arsenal are ready to spend big in the transfer market.