Ridiculous rumour of the day – Carl Jenkinson to Man City


Today’s Daily Mirror reports that Manchester City are ‘keeping tabs’ on Arsenal’s Carl Jenkinson with an eye on signing him in the summer transfer window.

Ok, so just reading this short article and I have a few observations:

  • The article states that City are planning a move for Jenkinson then goes on to say that City insist they are not currently interested in him – So the article contradicts itself.
  • It then says that City were interested in signing Jenkinson from Charlton 2 years ago – People have said that Jenkinson was offered a much better contract by City than Arsenal offered him. This leads me onto my next point.
  • Jenkinson is an Arsenal fan – He’s been an Arsenal fan since childhood and comes from an Arsenal loving family. That’s the reason he chose Arsenal two years ago and he is probably the most unlikely to leave Arsenal for the riches of City.
  • The article also addresses another point – Jenkinson signed a new contract with Arsenal back in December. The chances of him leaving the club are very slim unless he is forced out.

With all that it seems like a ridiculous rumour. Add to this that there is a strong possibility that Bacary Sagna could leave the club in the summer and the whole idea of him making the move to Manchester seems very unlikely. If Sagna does leave, I have no doubt Wenger will sign another right-back, but whoever that right-back is, they’d be competing with Jenkinson for the starting job. Carl would have a shot at it. If he moved to Man City, I think he’d have less chance of playing than he does at Arsenal.

Jenkinson has been linked to Man City in today’s papers – Something I think is very unlikely to happen.