Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow (NextGen Series) – Ticket Details


As you will probably know, I like to keep track of the youth team’s and how they are doing. I have posted about them on this blog from time to time and recently it was announced that the U19’s clash with CSKA Moscow will be held at the Emirates. Not only will it be held at the Emirates, but you can go for a cheap price.

So for anybody interested in going, you should follow this link:

If you are a member you will get tickets even cheaper. Even if I only get one person to buy a ticket from this, I feel it would have been worthwhile.

I would love to see a large crowd go to the Emirates for this one. I would imagine the only Russian fans there will be ones that live in London and want to watch their team (whatever the level) in action. So this is a great chance to have pretty well the entire stadium to ourselves and get behind the young Gunners.

See the young Guns in action at the Emirates for under £5. Bargain.