New Hub Post: Remembering Rocky


Hello everyone,

I would just like to direct your attention to a new post in the hub of the website about David Rocastle. 12 years ago today, former Arsenal player David Rocastle tragically lost his battle with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At yesterday’s game there was a tribute to Rocastle at the 7th minute where Arsenal and Reading fans applauded him and the home fans sang the famous “Oh Rocky, Rocky” song.

One year ago, I posted a tribute article to David on my old blog. Rather than do the same thing again every year, I will just direct you to the piece on my old blog. It has been posted in the hub of this site, so hopefully you find it easily enough. You will have to forgive that it is a year old and obviously we are not away to QPR this afternoon, like that blog post suggests.

Rocky was Arsenal through and through. It hurt him a lot when he was told he had to leave the club in 1992. Despite the fact he played for a few other clubs in England after leaving Arsenal, including Chelsea, his home was always Highbury. He is dearly missed by many at the club and just one of those men that you just liked regardless of what team you supported.

If for any reason I do have Tottenham readers, you guys get a good mention in this blog post!. That is a rarity, so well worth a read even if just for that.

I hope you all enjoy reading it and I would again just like to say RIP Rocky, you are very much missed and will never be forgotten by the Arsenal faithful. Never. His legend lives on. The fans that are growing up now are learning about him so that when those that do remember him are gone, he will still be remembered. Hopefully many years down the line they’ll be able to pay tribute to him like the current Arsenal fans have.