Wenger’s World Cuppers Part 3

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The biggest sporting event in the world is finally here, and despite the pre-tournament jitters regarding security and stadia quality it looks like everything is in working order. Nations are rejoicing at the opportunity to showcase their most talented athletes in their favourite sports. Spain will be looking to win an unprecedented 4 major tournaments in a row, while Messi will be trying to prove his ability on the biggest of stages. But who cares how England go out of the tournament (penalties to the Germans) or if the host nation is going to win (yes). What we care about is how our beloved Gunners are doing. Every few days I will take a look at how our boys (and our transfer targets) perform in the World Cup and report back to you.

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Australia: 2 Netherlands: 3

This was an incredible game, but no one from Arsenal played, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to skip this game.

Spain: 0 Chile: 2

Santi Cazorla came on as a substitute, but was unable to really make any sort of impact. It was incredible to see the Spanish team so out-of-sorts, and it wasn’t just defensively. So far in the World Cup, everyone has noticed how poor the Spanish have been in keeping the ball out of their net (they have failed 7 times in two games), but no one is talking about the fact that they have only scored one goal and it was from a penalty. If anyone thought the first game loss to Holland was a one game blip, well now we know its not and Spain has crashed out of the tournament at the group stages. No matter who got on the end of the ball, there was a tiredness and lack of creativity for “La Furia Roja”, and that was definitely true for Cazorla.

May 25, 2013; London, UNITED KINGDOM; Bayern Munich player Mario Mandzukic (9) celebrates after scoring a goal against Borussia Dortmund during the Champions League final at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

Cameroon: 0 Croatia: 4

Arsenal target, Mario Mandzukic had himself an excellent game and scored two goals. His first put the game out of hand, and his second was just icing on the cake. Even though Cameroon had started to combust before Mandzukic made his presence feel known, you can tell his quality and ability by watching him play. His movement off the ball is excellent, as is his finishing ability. I am the biggest Giroud supporter in the world, but even I cannot deny that he would be an upgrade over Olivier.