Wenger’s World Cuppers Part 3

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Colombia: 2 Ivory Coast: 1

Another Arsenal target in the opening game today, in the form of Serge Aurier. While not as impressive as in his first match of the tournament, and looking somewhat frail defensively, Aurier again managed to improve his stock. His strength, speed and physicality were really on show in this game, and it seems that he is almost certain to be Wenger’s right back of the future. Some of the mistakes that he made were of the mental nature, but given his precocious age, there is nothing much to be worried about there. Experience works wonders on mental strength, as does age, so we can expect Serge to only improve from here on out.

Uruguay: England: 1

As an England fan, I refuse to talk about this game. Good thing no Arsenal players got involved.

Japan: 0 Greece: 0

As a football fan, I refuse to talk about this game. Despite being a man up for over 50 minutes, Japan never looked like they wanted to win this game. UGHHHHHH.