Luis Suarez: Talented Player, Common Thug


Last year it looked quite likely that Arsenal would be buying Luis Suarez for £40m after a rumoured release clause was activated. Many fans thought this could be the the answer to our goalscoring issues, but alas the transfer did not pan out and Suarez went on to have a wonderful season at Liverpool, finishing the season as top goalscorer in the Premier League. Despite this, I have no problem in saying that I am so glad he didn’t move to our club.

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  • Am I crazy? No. I just have standards.

    Luis Suarez is one of the greatest players in the game currently, but I don’t know how I could be proud of a player like Suarez in my team. His previous acts of aggression show he is not a player in control of his emotions, and the fact he is now facing his third ban for biting different players means he has nowhere to hide.

    A lot of acts of aggression from different players can be excused as pent up anger or frustration. For example Zidane’s headbutt in the World Cup final 8 years ago was allegedly in response to a slur on his family and, although stupidly aggressive, at least he had a reason. Suarez attacked Ivanovic and Chiellini without any real motivation except for sheer frustration, and if he had done that in any occupation he would be fired and face criminal charges. As a footballer he gets paid holiday.

    For me a fan should be proud of the club’s players attitude and effort, and I could not be proud of Suarez on the whole. How can anyone defend what he has done now? If Giroud had acted like this on a football pitch I wouldn’t be happy seeing him return to the club, and it’s up to the fans to turn on players who do this and think they can get away with it.

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    Brendan Rodgers must be wondering quite what he is going to do with Luis Suarez now, but he will eagerly await what punishment FIFA hand out when the footage is investigated. Quite simply I don’t think there is a punishment that is too harsh for the player who only escapes criminal charges because he lives in the magical world of professional football.

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