Mats Hummels, Ilkay Gundogan and the Dismissal of Another Outrageous Arsenal Transfer Rumor


I’m no expert in transfer rumors. Of course, no one is, because they’re just rumors. But that being said, there are some rumors that the basic human mind can properly dismiss.

A double swoop of Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gundogan is one such rumor (from the Express).

Arsenal need a center back and a central midfielder, mainly of the defensive variety, so on the bare surface, it appears to be a match, but Gundogan is an attacking midfielder. But that’s the least of the deterring factors.

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The combined transfer would cost an insane amount of money. Hummels by himself will fetch around 40 million pounds, add Gundogan to that deal and the deal goes up at least another 60%. For those of you still not following – that’s too expensive!

Whether Arsenal’s 20 million pound transfer budget is a real thing or not, we have yet to see, but even if it isn’t, that sum of money is not going to be spent by Arsene Wenger, especially in January.

And with Manchester United and a handful of other clubs in on the duo, Arsenal are set to lose out on any bidding war that their could ever be.

It would be much more likely for Wenger to grab a young Fabian Schar type defender as opposed to a big name signing. Alexis Sanchez was our big signing of the year and to expect any more is to be set up for more frustration.

Sorry Arsenal fans, while I’d love nothing more than to see Hummels in Arsenal red, I don’t think that this rumor is at all believable.

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