Can Mesut Ozil Save Arsenal’s Season?


It seems like a silly concept, given Mesut Ozil’s rather unimpressive start to his Premier League career, but the fact remains that he is one of the best midfielders in the world. He has vision that’s surreal and his play making ability is unmatched. We saw it for Real Madrid and we saw it for the World Cup champion German National team.

The last piece of the puzzle is to see it for Arsenal.

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Ozil is set to be back in the squad for Arsenal’s match against Stoke City. Conveniently enough, Alexis and Theo Walcott are also back and having those two speedy, technically gifted players flanking Mesut Ozil (if he gets to play in the center of the pitch), could be precisely what the doctor ordered to get Arsenal out of the slump they’re in.

Ozil has been hard at work in the recovery process, reassuring all those faithful Gooner’s out there that he will come back better than ever. We know he has the ability, we know he has the passion, now we just have to see him tie it all together and make it happen.

And he can.

Ozil has had flashes of brilliance for Arsenal, but has all too often followed those flashes up with duds. Part of the blame may lie with Arsene Wenger deploying him on the wings, but given the current Arsenal scenario, he may have no choice but to put him in his favored central attacking role.

If Arsenal line up with Giroud up front, Ozil behind him, and Walcott, Alexis or the Ox filling the two wing roles, they will have one of the most formidable attacks in Europe, but only on paper. That is, until they can prove what they can do together.

I’m really excited to see what Ozil can do on his return. I’m not alone when it comes to being exuberant over the prospect of Ozil and Walcott on the pitch together.

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