Edinson Cavani, Petr Cech and all the Latest Arsenal Transfer Rumors

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Edinson Cavani – Likelihood: Between 0/10 and 10/10

But closer to 0/10. Cavani has a new “boost” to his likelihood of an Arsenal transfer every other day. The latest news is that he is facing disciplinary action from PSG for returning from Christmas break late. Not to mention his constant frustration with being played out of position.

Cavani’s price tag is around 50-60 million pounds, which makes his likelihood fall to around -13/10, but his wantaway spirit and Arsene Wenger’s love for wantaway spirits raises it a bit before it’s lowered again by Wenger’s own hatred of the January transfer window and of spending money in general.

It’s not likely, but you already know that. That doesn’t mean the chatter will stop though. This is just another step in the epic saga of Edinson Cavani (the entire timeline can be seen here).