Wojciech Szczesny Smoking, Arsene Wenger Fall Out Being Blown Out of Proportion


Wojciech Szczesny is having a bit of a nightmarish week. After following up an absolutely outstanding display at West Ham with an equally dreadful one at Southampton, he has now committed the eighth deadly sin of smoking a cigarette, had a rumored fall out with Arsene Wenger, been fined 20,000 pounds and is on the brink of being replaced by long time rival Petr Cech.

It doesn’t get much worse (if it were all true).

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I’m of the opinion that the Pole in goal is still world-class and I think that saying he’s been in “bad form” because of one awful appearance is shortsighted and a bit annoying, but we know what smoking a cigarette gets you at Arsenal – in trouble (just ask Jack Wilshere, who didn’t get in trouble). And this isn’t the first time for Szczesny.

Not only that but former Arsenal man John Jenson made some outlandish claim on Danish TV (as reported by the Daily Mail) that Wojciech Szczesny and Arsene Wenger had a huge fall out and the Polish international would not play for the rest of the year.

Where he got this from, nobody knows, since Arsenal has denied it, but it’s still fun to talk about, I guess.

One bad match can be overlooked (even when it starts getting painted as “bad form”) but blatantly disobeying team rules when a very strict Arsene Wenger runs the show is bold. So bold that it’s incredibly unwise.

However, all this rubbish about Szczesny losing his starting spot to David Ospina is just that – rubbish. Ospina was always supposed to play in the domestic cups, that’s the benefit of having two keepers. And spending seven million pounds on Petr Cech is rubbish as well. That would leave us 13 million pounds to address our real needs.

Why would we buy Petr Cech? If Wenger truly planned to cut ties with Sczcesny (which he doesn’t), then isn’t that why he signed David Ospina in the first place? Yes, it is, thank you for asking.

This entire story is just the media trying to blow things out of proportion. The fine is real, and he’ll pay it. And then, guess what? He’ll suit up on Sunday against Stoke, play well, and everyone will forget this ever happened.

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