Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Sergio Ramos, Mandzukic and More!

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Sergio Ramos – Likelihood: 5/10

I’m salivating so much over this prospect, so my 5/10 likelihood may just be incredibly wishful thinking. But there are several links (whether they’re true or not) that give rise to the slightest bit of hope.

First of all, Ramos admitted something rather astounding (as reported by the Metro):”The only thing I will say is that with every passing day I prefer the English Premier League,” he said.

Another sign of promise happened as well. Supposedly, Arsene Wenger contacted Ramos’s agent (who is also his brother). AS journalist Manuel Esteban Manolete told La Goleado: “Wenger has called Rene Ramos, the agent and brother of Sergio Ramos.” (all according to the Daily Star)

It’s fairly ambiguous, that’s all that’s certain. But as an Arsenal fan who’s watched our defense bumble around for the majority of the season, the prospect of signing Ramos, who is often referred to as the best defender in the world, is the most delicious rumor in the history of rumors. And as such, any small hint of possibility is reason to get excited.