Arsenal Transfer News: Gundogan, Brozovic and More!

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It’s not a day of new rumors so much as it is a day of updating old rumors and cleaning up a bit of old news. In case you haven’t noticed, Arsenal still haven’t signed a soul so far into this January transfer window, but they have let go of Lukas Podolski and Yaya Sanogo on loans, as well as one more player coming up in this slideshow.

The defense looked good against Stoke City, but it was only Stoke City and this defense has been hit-and-miss all year. Manchester City is going to show us all the holes we need filled (remind us, rather) and hopefully push Wenger into making one of the moves he’s promised us.

There’s still plenty of time to make some (bargain) deals, so there’s no need to hit the panic button yet. It’s not like in August when we realized that we still didn’t have a viable striker to back up Olivier Giroud (funny, we still don’t).

But anyways, here’s all the latest in the Arsenal transfer world.