Morgan Schneiderlin Rumours Continue To Gain Momentum


Arsenal always seem to be embroiled in one transfer saga or another, either being linked with a player we definitely don’t need or ones born out of necessity. Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin has been linked with Arsenal ever since the first hints of a Southampton exodus last summer and it seems that those links have not gone away, with further links regarding a move either in January or the summer.

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So this isn’t the first time we’ve covered Schneiderlin‘s possible move to the Emirates, firstly because he’s a good player and in my opinion would be a strong addition to almost any Premier League side and also because he is a player that we need. I know it’s fun to keep buying in attacking midfielders and create the occasional goal so good that makes your face melt but we can’t do that every game when we’ve got no-one of any quality in front of the back four. It might not be glamorous but it’s necessary.

Arsenal have been missing a player who can sit behind the midfield in a defensive manner and maintain discipline when we are attacking, Flamini is OK but I don’t think he’d play for any other Premier League challenging side. Ramsey is another decent passing, slightly more defensive midfielder, but he’s still guilty of roaming forward far too often than necessary in search of being a hero. Mind you he had a brilliant 2013/14 season so you can understand the urge to try and carry that on.

His pass accuracy is higher than that of Arsenal’s midfielders over this season and also with a comparable pass distance, so I do think that if Arsenal signed the Frenchman he would fit into the team quite well. There’s nothing to stop him becoming a long term solution to our defensive midfield problem. But why all the news recently?

Well there have been a flurry of reports linking Schneiderlin with moving to Arsenal, but there have been a contradiction stating his moving date.

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The usual suspects, ie the daily papers, have linked him with a move to Arsenal in the current window, but there have been an increasing number of unusual sources pointing at a future deal to be completed in the summer.

The Secret Footballer claims to have been told that the deal for Schneiderlin is completed, but that a £25m move will be completed in the summer to allow Southampton time to find a replacement for the midfielder. It does seem like something Arsenal would do, as it allows Wenger time to try and balance the squad to his liking, as well as focusing on other targets over the summer.

The source is usually reliable, and as he has been in close contact with many people still heavily involved in the game it probably carries some truth to it. I think he’s a good signing and with increasing noise it does seem like it’s a done deal whenever it will go through. Have Arsenal pulled off a decent signing? Or another average addition?

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