Has Hector Bellerin Unseated Calum Chambers at Arsenal?


Calum Chambers was becoming a permanent fixture in Arsenal’s starting XI. From September 20th through November 4th, he started every single game. He started another month straight from November into December.

However, Chambers has not been used since January 4th.

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With Mathieu Debuchy out with another injury, that would have appeared to open the door for the young Englishman, but it may well be a case of Chambers being ill-suited for the right back position.

Chambers has many a time been caught out of position at right back against speedy wingers, as he lacks pace himself. His aggression can get him into trouble as well, along the lines of Laurent Kocielny, so it may be best for him to focus on being a center back.

Not only has Chambers been a little inefficient at right back, but Hector Bellerin has been nothing short of a phenomenon. His speed and attacking push make him an excellent full back, along the same lines as Kieran Gibbs.

Arsene Wenger is simply starting the in-form player with Bellerin. Chambers is still young and his future is incredibly promising, but his potential as a right back has a much lower ceiling than his potential at center back. The wing back positions are usually speedy, not only to contribute to attacks, but to recover quickly when caught out. Chambers doesn’t have that speed or attacking potential.

Per Mertesacker and Laurent Kocielny are set in the center, so that leaves Chambers potentially out of a position. However, when more competitions start kicking up again, he’ll have plenty of playing time to garnish first team experience.

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