Walcott Thinks That The Current Attack Can Be Better Than Invincibles


Perpetually injured Theo Walcott has come out with an extremely bold statement on his 9 year anniversary of joining the club, telling the Telegraph that the current squad has better attacking options that the creative force behind the Invincibles. Now before you go off on a rant about how he’s got no idea what he’s talking about, he does qualify his statement at the end:

"“When I came, it was [Robert] Pires and [Freddie] Ljungberg, [Dennis] Bergkamp, [Thierry] Henry and [Jose Antonio] Reyes,” said Walcott.“That’s some attacking force as well. I think this squad probably does beat it, but we need to prove it first.”“That’s how good we are going forward,” said Walcott. “It is a headache for the manager when you have that many great attacking options. Go and achieve a little bit more than winning the FA Cup and then I think we can stand up and say this is the best attacking line up we’ve ever had.”Of Sanchez, Walcott added: “He is amazing because he spots things that a lot of players won’t. I tend to make my runs off the ball and he is always looking for that. He drags more players on to him, which creates more space for other people and I do the same thing."

So in summary, the potential is there now, and we’ve got to prove it.

If we look at the current squad you can see where he is coming from, with Sanchez, Ozil , Cazorla and Walcott all capable of walking into most teams in the world when they’re on form it is close in comparison of pure talent; but overall have they contributed anywhere near as much.

Plus, I do think we’re stretching it a bit when we can compare Giroud to anyone of the attacking members of that invincibles side.

However in terms of the rest of them, their attacking qualities are up to the tag. Sanchez could well prove to be Arsenal’s best signing since the legendary French striker and he seems to be bringing the best out of other players in the side; something that Henry was also very good at.

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Ozil, despite a poor 2014, was still nominated for the Ballon D’Or and that for me shows he has so much talent just waiting to be unleashed that he could be one of Arsenal’s best players. But that will require a strong amount of effort and game-time that I don’t think he’s getting with Cazorla in his current form.

Cazorla himself looks to have turned into a player Arsenal can not afford to leave out of the team, and it really is helping Arsenal to their best form in ages. His ability to win the ball back and turn defence into attack so seamlessly has been instrumental to Arsenal, and I do think that he should be pushing Ramsey out of the side to allow Ozil to take up residence up near the striker in matches not against the top sides.

Looking at the wings, Sanchez’s spot is sewn up, but on the opposite side it could be Oxlade-Chamberlain who’s form could keep Walcott waiting on the bench before getting back into the side. Both vying for England spots in the future and I do believe that right now the younger of the two is playing better football than ever right now, with a very mature performance against the Champions.

So what do you think? Potential to match the best? Or no-hopers?

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