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Ravel Morrison 

According to Ravel Morrison’s agent, Arsenal would be downright fools not to go after his client (not like he’s biased). Here’s what he had to say as reported by IBT:

“Wherever he goes is his last chance. Ravel could get into Arsenal’s team tomorrow. His ability is unbelievable, he is fantastic. Whoever gets Ravel now will get the best deal that’s been done this century in football.

Personally, if I was a Premier League manager, I would now be desperate to take him until the end of the season, because there is a deal to be done, any club.”

If I know Arsene Wenger, which I really don’t, he probably had a good long chuckle over this. But as far as rumor legitimacy, no interest is even being reported by the Metro or the Mirror, so this rumor isn’t even really a rumor yet.