Gabriel Paulista Left Out of Villarreal Squad, Arsenal Move Set?


After hearing that Arsene Wenger was set to square off with the dastardly work permit peoples, Arsenal fans worldwide may now hold their breath, as Villarreal have left Gabriel Paulista out of their squad to face Levante. With no injuries and him being an integral part of their back line, this could mean done deal.

The Villarreal team site indicates no Paulista in the squad.

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As far as figures are concerned, it’s all speculation, but it’s been widdled down to two main possibilities. Either a deal near 15 million pounds, or a deal worth 6 million pounds with Joel Campbell going out on loan to Villarreal until the end of the season.

The Express reports that the deal is to be official in mere hours. After stomping Manchester City, a clutch defensive transfer could work wonders leading into the glorious return of Mesut Ozil against Brighton on Sunday. All things considered, this could be a fantastic week for Arsenal.

What makes me believe that this deal is almost done is that there are no reports saying that the deal is done. If that doesn’t make sense, that’s because you don’t know Arsene Wenger. Any time deals are “done” (Gonzalo Higuain), they disappear. It’s the ones like this, that get hinted at and just hang out without fluctuating, that really end up coming through in the end.

There’s no reason Villarreal would leave such a piece out of their squad other than a transfer, but I’m still hesitant to welcome Paulista to North London, seeing as how we still don’t know the full details of the work permit situation. Either way, this is going to be an exciting couple of days as we prepare for that defensive Messiah to solve all our problems.

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