Francis Coquelin Contract Debate: Coquelin or Jack Wilshere?


Francis Coquelin was all set to move on from Arsenal this summer while out on loan, but since being prematurely recalled, he has been one of the most dominant defensive midfielders in the entire English Premier League in the seven games that he’s played.

So now, the topic turns to getting him a new contract.

However, Coquelin is somewhat-wisely holding out, given that Jack Wilshere is due back in a month and Mikel Arteta is expected to get a one-year extension as well. Not to mention all the defensive midfielder links that Arsenal have been pursuing (or not pursuing).

It puts Arsene Wenger in quite the bind.

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On one hand, Coquelin has only played seven games. On the other hand, they have been on fantastic seven games.

On one hand, Jack Wilshere is very injury prone. On the other hand, prior to getting injured, Wilshere was having a breakout year. Plus, Wilshere has been a fantastic holding midfielder for the English National team, so why wouldn’t he be able to replicate that success with Arsenal?

It’s hard to imagine a settlement being reached any time soon.

I would rather see Wilshere back in the first team, but I can see the argument against such a concept. Wilshere has to find a string of health, it’s only fair. Then again, life isn’t always fair. But it has to be noted again that Wilshere was showing some really good form prior to going down.

Plus, I see Wilshere having a ton more upside than Coquelin. Wilshere is an all-around, box-to-box midfielder. While his goal tallies have been a bit underwhelming, it can easily turn around with some confidence. Wilshere’s entire career has been hampered with injury. Each time he starts getting near full fitness, he’s stricken again.

Coquelin may be bigger and more physical, but don’t tell Wilshere that. And this may be personal opinion, but Wilshere is by far the most passionate Arsenal man. He’s been with this club since birth (not really, but close) and he lives for the Gunners.

So therein lies the debate, Gooners. If it comes down to it, who do you pick: Francis Coquelin or Jack Wilshere?

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