Can Arsenal Win Without Alexis Sanchez?


To put all of Arsenal’s injury woes into a single book would result in a tome of epic proportions, with the binding being composed of Abou Diaby and a little hint of Jack Wilshere. But lately, with the return of Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil and the rumored early return of Wilshere, Arsenal seem to be on the right track.

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Now, however, Arsenal find themelves without Danny Welbeck, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mikel Arteta and again, Jack Wilshere. All of that is no cause for a conniption, but what is is the fact that Alexis Sanchez may miss the Astron Villa clash.

As everyone under the sun knows, Alexis has been Arsenal’s best player this year, if not the Premier League’s overall best player. As such, this hamstring issue that’s being reported should give rise to a bit of nerves. The Arsenal team news  shows that’s it’s not a major issue, but for Arsenal, any injury is a major issue, particularly to Alexis.

So should we be worried that Arsenal can’t handle Aston Villa?


This is the beauty of having a team that isn’t reliant on one person. While Alexis is the number one threat on the Arsenal squad, he is not the only threat. Arsenal have had 18 goalscorers this year, the most in the league. Taking out one or two or even three of those goalscorers leaves us plenty of other threats.

Obviously we’ll miss Alexis if he can’t play, but Theo Walcott is returning to fitness, as is Mesut Ozil, and if nothing else, it gives them an excellent chance to prove that they can fill the void. No matter what happens, Arsenal are still in good shape.

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