Luis Suarez to Arsenal a Serious Option This Time Around?


I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors: “Luis Suarez is shockingly coming back to the  Premier League…. for Arsenal!” (the Mirror). While I can’t tell you what to believe, I can give you strong evidence to influence your decision.

Luis Suarez is linked to Arsenal now because, and I kid you not, the man at Barcelona who targeted the Uruguayan, sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, was fired. That’s literally the only thing linking the hard-chomping forward to the Gunners.

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Few will forget that prior to making the move to Barcelona, Luis Suarez was bid for by Arsene Wenger, who jokingly offered forty million pounds for the buyout clause and an extra one pound. Clearly Wenger doesn’t see Suarez as too high of a priority, so unless one underwhelming year at one of the best clubs in the world was enough to change Wenger’s opinion (hint: it wasn’t), then Suarez is staying put.

It’s widely known that sometimes players take time getting acclimated to their new club, or moreso to their new league. La Liga and the Premier League are two completely different styles of play and Suarez simply hasn’t gotten his feet under him yet. But he will. He’s one of the best strikers in the world and it’s only a matter of time before he sorts it all out.

While no club in the world would deny the opportunity to have Suarez in their ranks, these rumors of him moving after just one year, particularly to Wenger’s Arsenal, are literally completely hilarious, and that’s being nice. Arsenal are linked to everyone nowadays, and it appears we’ll have to suffer through obscure Suarez linkings from now on as well (get in line with Edinson Cavani).

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