Mesut Ozil Working His Way Into Arsenal Fans’ Hearts?


Mesut Ozil has not had a kind welcoming to the Premier League. As we know, it’s a rough transition to come to England, as the physical style of play can be taxing on players who aren’t used to it. That being said, it’s probably far too soon to be labeling him a flop.

Arsene Wenger is a fantastic judge of talent and knowing who can fit in the the EPL. He believes in Mesut Ozil, and I believe in Wenger, so by that old mathematical system, that means I believe in Ozil as well.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Mesut Ozil sent out a cute thank you to all of the Arsenal faithful who wished him well in his return from injury

I think this is nice. Ozil has to know that Arsenal fans can be a fickle bunch, so while his play may not be as impressive as we’d like, he needs to work his way into our hearts any way possible.

I was already impressed by his work ethic during his injury, as well as his constant gratitude towards the well-wishers.

Now, rumor has it he’s bulked up to try to help himself cope with the aforementioned physicality.

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All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with what he’s done off the pitch (particularly his keen sense of fashion on display in his little seven second video).

Not only is his sense of fashion immaculate, but we know he’s a great guy, given what he did with his World Cup earnings.

The only remaining piece (and it’s a large piece) to complete Mesut Ozil’s jigsaw is to see him preform consistently on the field. We’ve seen flashes of brilliance offset by embarrassments and everything in between.

Given that, prior to this season, the German had more assists since 2008 than anyone in the world, we know what he’s capable of.

However, with Santi Cazorla in near-perfect form, Ozil has competition to make it into the squad and that could be incredibly beneficial to him. Let’s hope it works.

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