Arsenal vs Aston Villa Preview: Getting Better!


Four wins in a row! It seems like things are finally starting to look brighter, and the new acquisition of Gabriel Paulista is going to make an already improving defense much better.

Positivity is flowing everywhere in the Arsenal camp and I for one am confident that Arsenal will see this form through and end the season in the top four.

Last week Arsenal played a complete game, the week before that Arsenal played a smart game, and it seems like this team is finally starting to find different ways to win games.

Prediction: Arsenal 2-0 Aston Villa

1) More depth at the back

I had been hoping for a few months that Arsenal’s first purchase in the new year would not be an attacking player. I am so happy that my prayers have been answered because Arsenal’s signing is exactly what this team needed.

With this transfer, the team not only increases depth with the back four but it also adds a talented, physical, hard working defender. Against Aston Villa, I am looking forward to seeing Paulista play alongside an improving back four, even if it is for a short period of time.

2) Ozil & Walcott get better everyday

If we all learned anything last week, it is that Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott are slowly getting better. With their first major playing time since they have returned from injury, both players played a great game. Ozil was majestic in the #10 spot, showing that perfecting the simple things on the pitch is extremely important.

Just as impressive was Walcott’s performance, where he demonstrated his blistering speed on and off the ball. It was truly lovely to see these two great players back on the pitch and I can’t wait for them to start playing more meaningful games.


Unless you really follow Arsenal, it is unlikely that you have heard of that name until recently. Yet Coquelin’s rise to becoming a key player in the holding position of the starting eleven seems inevitable with each game he plays. He plays a physical brand of football, and still plays in perfect harmony with Wenger’s beautiful, flowing system.

He might not be the big name, established holding midfielder we are all hoping to see in the starting eleven, but he gets the job done and backs it up with results!

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