Arsenal vs Astron Villa Report: No Alexis, No Problem


If anyone ever tells you Arsenal are too reliant on Alexis Sanchez, refer them to this game. If they tell you that Aston Villa is no good, casually agree, but remind them that their defense has actually been decent this year.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa FINAL: 5-0

Drink in that score for a bit.

The fun started in the 8th minute. A clearance found Mesut Ozil who’s back-flick (or whatever you want to call it) found a streaking Olivier Giroud, who despite his best efforts to scuff it, placed the ball in nicely for a 1-0 advantage.

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Despite continuous pressure and chances, Arsenal wouldn’t add another until the 54th minute, when Giroud repayed the favor by finding Ozil, who tapped an excellent ball just inside the wide post and put the game to bed.

But the game was restless and refused to sleep, so Arsenal had a little more fun.

Cazorla took assisting duties this time, finding Theo Walcott for his first goal in over a year.

And just in case you wanted more, Arsenal would deliver. Youngster Chuba Akpom drove into the box and was taken out by Brad Guzan, prompting a penalty from Cazorla.

Despite getting a near-full two hands on the ball, the power behind the shot carried it into the goal for Arsenal’s fourth.

Still not enough?

Hector Bellerin of all people got in on the fun with his first ever Arsenal goal off a pass from Cazorla. For a right back, it was a perfectly placed shot that looked more like a pass off the outside post.

How many positives can we take away from this? Let’s try counting.

  1. Walcott scored
  2. Ozil scored
  3. Ozil looked sublime
  4. We didn’t need Alexis

I could keep going, but you get the point. Arsenal are getting better with each match and if I were a team in the top four, I would be slightly perturbed.

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