Wojciech Szczesny Will Unseat David Ospina for Arsenal by Season’s End


Since taking over in goal, David Ospina has yet to surrender a goal. It’s darn near impossible to lose your spot on the team when you’re perfect. It’s been such a pleasant surprise to see that Arsenal have two world-class keepers in goal. The competition they provide for each other will keep them both at their best and give Arsene Wenger plenty to think about.

Wojciech Szczesny hasn’t started in the Premier League since his debacle against Southampton, but his reaction, according to Wenger, has been positive.

Wenger told Arsenal.com:

"Of course he works very hard. He has responded very well. He is 100 per cent committed in training and works harder than ever. At the moment, the competition is there. I just always have to make the decision who plays the next game.For me that is the most important when a player is questioned at some stage – how he responds shows you his strength of character, and on that front Wojciech has done extremely well until now."

We all knew that Szczesny was a competitor. His comments about keeping Ospina on the bench earlier in the year proved how cold-blooded he was in regards to his standards for himself. I have to admit that I was dubious if we’d ever see him again with his attitude in question after the smoking incident, but I’m relieved to hear that he is reacting positively. It could have a major impact on his future.

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Szczesny has immense potential, but at 24 years old, that potential needs to become consistency. This is the Premier League and if Arsenal want more silverware, they can’t have goalkeeping mistakes like they had against Southampton.

While Ospina has been fantastic, I still believe that Wojciech Szczesny is the better goalkeeper. He’s just a bit shakier on the mental side, but that can be developed and once it does, Szczesny will regain that world-class form that won him a share of the golden gloves.

It’s also important to note (again) that Szczesny had a battered defense to work with during his shaky stretch.

Whatever happens, we have two world-class goalies and that puts us in an excellent situation.

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