Arsenal Fans: Keep Calm and Defend Jack Wilshere!


In case you haven’t Googled Jack Wilshere’s name lately, you may have missed his in-progress crucifixion. Arsenal’s young problem child has been seeing holding a murder weapon in a photo. I mean, holding a hookah pipe in a photo.

Take a gander:

The early reports are that Arsene Wenger has digressed in health from a headache to a severe hernia after seeing the picture. He may be unfit to coach the team against Tottenham. And it’s all Wilshere’s fault. He is single-handedly destroying Arsenal.

The previous paragraph was entirely sarcasm. Jack Wilshere has done none of those things. But the media is already blaming him for it. Arsenal fans and sports pundits alike are ripping the young midfielder a new one and I find it absolutely pathetic. It’s like everyone became Wilshere’s over-bearing father  overnight.

All this criticism and finger-pointing at Wilshere saying that Wenger is upset is ridiculous. When has the media ever known anything about how Wenger does things? How about we stop painting Wenger as the man crucifying Wilshere and just admit that these ‘fatherly’ media moguls are just fawning over the idea of Wenger getting upset.

Here are some of the priceless reactions to Jack Wilshere’s little mishap.

A typical hate-ridden “fan” or media fool’s thought process before crapping on Wilshere must be incredibly intriguing. Here’s how I picture it: “He’s going to be sold! He only cares about partying! He’s a false prophet! That last one didn’t even make sense, but since he was seen with illegal contraband in his hand, it’s completely logical.

Oh wait, it was only a hookah pipe? Then what am I supposed to do with all of this phony outrage? I guess I’ll use it anyway and paint Wilshere as the antithesis of everything good and right and hopefully in the process I’ll get everyone to hate him in the process.”

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Seriously, are we really saying that just because Wilshere was seen at another party that he has failed in his football endeavors? Think about that for a second. He’s a failure because he went to another party.

Lionel Messi has been seen drunk. So has Xavi. Were they crucified like Wilshere?

No, Wilshere hasn’t lived up to his expectations yet, but that is in no way related to his party habits, it’s because of his bad luck with injuries.

“Yeah, but isn’t glass ankles a symptom of partying too much?”

Again, no, but I’m waiting for that argument to be made. As an Arsenal fan, how can you look at this picture and completely disown Wilshere? I understand being disappointed. He’s getting back to fitness and should be taking care of his body, I get it. But he’s holding a hookah pipe. Hookah is so far from a cigarette it’s not even funny.

How can you call yourself an Arsenal fan and treat a player who bleeds for the club like he’s a multiple felon?

Plus, if Wilshere is continuing to party, then either Wenger doesn’t mind it, or Wenger has some obsession with torturing himself. So why don’t we just let Wenger sort this out (if it even needs sorting out) and stop piling unwarranted hatred on Wilshere.

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