Gary Neville Raves Over Hector Bellerin’s Improvement


Anyone that has been watching Arsenal this season will note that Hector Bellerin has improved immeasurably since being thrown in at the deep end against Dortmund earlier in the year, and now he is really pushing to become Arsenal’s No.1 right back. And his progress has been noted by former right back and Manchester United legend Gary Neville, who gave a wonderful appraisal of the young defender on Sky Sports

Neville noted that Hector Bellerin had improved in every area of his game and that he is well on his way to becoming one of the best right backs he could be.

Whilst Bellerin has improved both in his attacking and defending, a large amount of this is due to his vastly altered sense of positioning and when to close down or step off, as highlighted in the clip above.

I would also like to say how happy it makes me to know that someone who has been massively anti-Arsenal for much of his career is now praising the current gunners right back, and I think Hector Bellerin deserves all the credit that is coming his way.

At one point I was concerned we had let Jenkinson go out on loan after he improved drastically during the previous season, and I thought that we should have kept him with Bellerin leaving the club to gain experience. However the young defender has proved that he is more of an Arsenal style than Jenks. I think Wenger will look to sell Jenkinson at the end of the season, probably to West Ham where he is now, and leave Bellerin to challenge and rotate with Debuchy in the right back spot.

Will he want to go back to Barcelona though? It seems to be a hallmark of these young Barca offtakes, but I’m sure that Wenger will push to keep him at the club at the time.