Predicted Arsenal Starting XI Against Leicester City

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Ronnie Macdonald – Flickr Creative Commons

Wojciech Szcesny

David Ospina wasn’t bad in goal by any means. He made some incredible saves. But I see this as the perfect opportunity to give Szczesny a window of hope.

Ospina was beaten, and as such, it may have heightened Szczesny’s confidence, even the slightest bit, having seen his rival slip up. If he’s truly training as hard as he is and taking this whole ‘benching’ as well as Wenger says he is, this is the chance he needs to reassert himself.

Now, even if he goes and makes seventeen saves and steals the show, it’s not a guarantee he gets the starting job back (in fact, I’d be surprised if he does), but it’s still a way to see what we can get out of the Pole.