Arsenal Predicted Starting XI Against Crystal Palace

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Kieran Clarke – Flickr Creative Commons

Match day is almost upon us yet again and very little has changed since our dismantling of MIddlesbrough in the FA Cup.

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Next up on Arsenal’s hit list is Crystal Palace, a team that we struggled mightily against in the earlier parts of the year, but a team that we should be able to handle with relative ease this time around.

Crystal Palace is a team built around size, and Arsenal has been historically troubled by such physical, hulking teams. However, with the speed and quick-strike ability that the Gunner’s attack has, hopefully we can run circles around the Palace defense.

The starting XI is always a fun thing to predict, given Arsene Wenger’s tendency to do strange things. The only injuries to speak of are to Hector Bellerin, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mathieu Flamini. Aside from that, here are the starting XI I would choose