Robert Lewandowski, Marco Verratti and all the Latest Arsenal Transfer Links and Rumors

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Robert Lewandowski

When Lewandowski was wanting away from Borussia Dortmund, I was all set to welcome him to Arsenal. But our esteemed emissary Wojciech Szczesny was unable to woo his countryman to our side, and as such he signed with Bayern Munich, the evil empire of Germany.

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Arsenal FC

Now, however, with the Polish striker is supposedly not fitting in as well at Bayern as all had thought, rumors say he wants to get out, and Arsenal transfer rumors are quick to latch onto such potential wants.

Munich faced Shakhtar on Tuesday and they drew 0-0. Lewandowski didn’t even make it on the pitch.

You don’t need an expert to smell that fishiness.

But again. To replace Giroud is to say “10 goals in 12 starts? We can do better.” Can you really? Giroud is underrated by everyone, but a large part of his play comes from his confidence, which he admitted can be shaken.

To sign a striker to one-up Giroud could decimate his confidence. Not only that, but there’s no guarantee that whoever we sign could one-up Giroud, and then it’s just a waste of money. Save that money for the guy on the next slide.