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Paulo Dybala

No Arsenal transfer rumor makes me warmer on the inside than the rumor of Dybala coming to Arsenal. The 21-year old Argentine striker is taking Serie A by storm and the Palermo president has accepted that Dybala is moving on. The only question now is where.

Dybala can be had for the same price as Jackson Martinez and he has much more upside and much more practical use for Arsenal.

I’ll keep it short, because I basically just did a piece on Dybala’s worth to Arsenal, but he could be the next big thing. Giroud is getting older and eventually we’re going to need to find another striker. We don’t need another 28-30 year old like the other strikers we’re linked to. We need a prolific young gun who can grow to learn the Arsenal way and move into the striker role.

Currently, we have Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom as the front runners to take over Giroud’s mantel when he inevitably gets older, but adding Dybala to that mix serves more than just future-replacement purposes. He can provide cover right now, something we sort of need, given Welbeck’s lack of striking prowess.

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