Can Arsenal’s Current Squad Rival Thierry Henry’s Invincible-Era Arsenal?

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Left Back: Ashley Cole vs Kieran Gibbs

Kieran Gibbs has potential. But as Arsenal fans, we’re trained to fear potential, and justifiably so. However, he has more than just potential.

Gibbs has shown brilliance when he’s healthy and rarely falls out of form… when healthy. But staying healthy is the name of the game, and it’s no easy game to play.

Ashley Cole was a constant fixture on Arsenal as well as the England International team – something that Gibbs could have… when healthy.

Cole and Gibbs are similar players. I believe that Gibbs is more of an offensive threat, but Cole was no slouch in that department, as he scored seven times during his tenure with the Gunners.

Gibbs is still young, and he really can become something special. It’s just a shame it all comes down to health. When comparing him to Ashley Cole, he has a bit of a leg up given Cole’s sour exit from Arsenal, as he moved on to Chelsea.

Only time will tell.