Can Arsenal’s Current Squad Rival Thierry Henry’s Invincible-Era Arsenal?

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Thierry Henry vs Alexis Sanchez

“But you had Alexis Sanchez on that other slide!” Yeah, I know. But given Alexis versatility and the number of players I had to throw in for Arsenal’s current midfield, I had to double-up somewhere.

Plus, Alexis is the only guy that could possibly shake a stick at the legend.

Like I said about Giroud and Bergkamp, “Hands down, everyone is going to pick the Invincible’s strike force. And they should. This is one area where hindsight beats potential by a long shot.”

It’s true here as well. Henry scored every .68 appearances for Arsenal. That’s kind of insane. While I could point out that Alexis scores every .56 appearances, I won’t because the sample size is too small (even though I already did).

Alexis has the potential to become a legend at Arsenal as well. What makes him different from Henry is that he hit the ground running when he came to the Premier League, whereas Henry took some time getting started. However, Henry came over when he was 22. Alexis was 26.

If Alexis can continue to grow and learn the Arsenal way, his goal scoring frequency will increase, maybe even closer to where Henry was. He’ll never be Henry, but he can make his own mark on Arsenal history and I fully expect him to do so.